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Cyber Security

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Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security

Cyber security makes use of technologies, procedures, and policies to safeguard systems, networks, programs, devices, and data against cyber threats. The idea is to reduce and limit the risk of cyber assaults and guard against unauthorized exploitation of systems, networks, and technology.

Cyber Security Services

What we do

1. Identify

My ChainChain identifies any possibility of security threats. It is incredibly adept at recognizing hazards. Threat intelligence is a method of identifying threats by analyzing signature data from previously recognized assaults and comparing it to enterprise data.

3. Detect

We examine the complete security ecosystem to discover any malicious behavior that might compromise the network. If danger is found, mitigating measures are taken to effectively neutralize the threat before it can exploit any existing vulnerabilities.

2. Protect

We protect by putting safeguards in place to mitigate security threats. Cybersecurity is to protect businesses against cyberattacks and data breaches. Data and the network are protected against unauthorized users.

4. Recover

In the case of a breach, a critical component of a cybersecurity program is to recover and return to normal operating levels as soon as feasible. Recovery is made as mentioned below:

  • Developing a business continuity plan

  • Exercising and testing the business continuity plan

  • Developing a disaster recovery plan 

  • Related capacity building.

Benefits of Having Cyber Security

Brand Reputation

The most compelling argument for the benefits of cyber security in a company is the reputation you build and maintain. Customer retention is a crucial aspect of corporate growth. Maintaining brand loyalty with a solid cyber security posture is critical for customers today, and it is the quickest way to repeat business, referrals, and more extensive per-ticket sales. It also opens the door to future endeavors and expansions.


My Chain is super careful about cybersecurity. We take all the required steps to safeguard a computer or computer system from unauthorized access by a hacker. A robust cybersecurity policy protects secure, vital, or sensitive data and keeps it safe from harmful third parties.

Increasing Productivity

Installing various cyber security measures, such as enhanced firewalls, virus scanning, and automatic backups, may significantly minimize violations and the downtime required to remediate the breach. This saves time and increases productivity.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud detection software detects and stops fraudulent activity involving accounts, payments, and purchases in real time by examining transactions and events in real time. It aids in the protection of critical corporate and consumer data.

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